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LADIES, MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our vibrant women’s weekly evening study group, Walking with Purpose, beginning Wednesday, October 30th, at 5:45 pm, in St. Mary’s Parish Office Center.  Please join us as we explore the book, Living the Father’s Love, a brief, yet powerful study that will revive and refresh us!  We will discover just how much God loves us and how the Gospels are relevant to our relationship with God and those we love.  This 6-week session is described as “perfect for Advent”.  In addition, this short Bible study will also give women an opportunity to try WWP without committing to a 22-week program.  With any questions, please contact Terri Koehn at 715-696–3571. 


EXPLORE LIFE, FAITH, MEANING!  Enter Alpha, a dynamic, weekly discipleship series taking place in the spring of 2020 in St. Mary’s Parish Office Center!  Prayerfully consider joining us for this faith-growing and life-changing experience as we encounter Christ at a more personal and heartfelt level!  To learn more today, visit Alpha or feel free to contact Fr. Timothy.  Sign-up in the entryway today!






     Have you lost a loved one and are struggling?  Do you feel an indescribable emptiness, a heavy loneliness?  Has your heart been broken?  Whether your grief is new or it’s been a few years we are here to help.  Our grief support group begins anew with the change of seasons and the effects that can have on our grief.

     Trusting in God and coming to the Seasons of Hope program blesses you in untold ways.  The support of others who know what you go through is the first of many of God’s gifts of love.  Your broken heart will mend as your spirit lifts. God plans ahead.  He hasn’t forgotten you.  He wants to console you. Although this program is Christian based it is open to anyone struggling with grief.

      Call the parish office if you are interested and we’ll arrange a time to fit everyone’s schedule.

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