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Immaculate Conception Catholic Community

St. Mary's Cemetery is located in Commonwealth just off County Road N south of Florence.

To purchase burial privileges or for information about our cemetery contact us.


Immaculate Conception St. Mary Congregation




St. Mary Cemetery was created as a final resting place for the faithful departed of our parish.  It is our sacred duty to preserve it in perpetuity until that time when Jesus comes again to bring all of us home to be with Him.

The rules and regulations which follow apply to all of the sites in St. Mary’s Cemetery, regardless of when they were/are purchased.  The purpose of these rules is not to restrict your cemetery site, but rather to enhance the site and make the cemetery a more beautiful place for all.  Please understand that purchasers of lots do not purchase the land, but acquire only the right and privilege of burial of the dead.


SALE AND TRANSFER OF BURIAL RIGHTS – St. Mary Cemetery is part and parcel of the corporate structure of Immaculate Conception Parish, Florence, WI.  The Parish Cemetery Committee, as a subcommittee of the Parish Finance Council, is immediately responsible for the operation and management of the cemetery.  Any questions regarding the operation of the cemetery, the purchasing burial rights or the placement of a memorial shall be directed to the parish office at (715) 528-3310.  To arrange for a burial, please call the sextons, Michael and Carolyn Lemanski at (715) 528-3008. 

Burial rights (graves) are sold individually through the parish office.  When burial rights are paid in full, the office shall issue a certificate of easement.

All lots sold by St. Mary’s Congregation shall be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the rules of the Cemetery as determined by the acting Cemetery Association.  No lots shall be used for any other purpose other than a place of human burial. 

No lot, or section of a lot, shall be sold without perpetual care.  The Cemetery Association reserves the right to change the price of lots and services whenever it is necessary to maintain operating conditions. 

No sale, transfer, or assignment of any grave or lot shall be valid without the notarized consent of the involved parties, including the Cemetery Association. 

No overhead vaults are permitted at this time.

BURIALS – The location of the graves on the lot shall be subject to the approval of the Cemetery Association.  Winter burials and their prices will be determined by the sexton and association at the time of the arrangements.  Persons requesting a winter burial are required to sign a Hold Harmless document.

CREMAINS – No cremains shall be scattered in St. Mary’s Cemetery.  All must be buried.  Only two cremains or a standard burial with one cremain may be placed on a single lot.  When cremains are added to a lot with an established monument the name of the deceased must be added to the original monument or a footstone may be placed flush with the ground at the foot of the burial.  Only one footstone can be placed on single lot, two on a double, three on a triple.


MONUMENTS AND MARKERS – Monuments (headstones) shall be made of granite, marble or bronze; other materials will require special Association approval.  All grave monuments shall be set in cement with a three inch cement border.  Monuments on single lots shall not exceed 24 inches in height, 24 inches in width and 14 inches in depth (measurements include the base).  Monuments on double or triple lots shall not exceed 30 inches in height, 48 inches in width and 14 inches in depth (measurements include the base).  Only one monument is allowed for each site. If a family monument is placed, individual markers are not allowed with the exception of foot stones to be placed flush with the ground at the base of the burial site.  Veteran’s plaques shall be set in granite or cement and placed flush with the ground at the foot of the burial site.  The Cemetery Association must determine the location of any monuments prior to placement, please call the parish office.  Only authorized personnel shall exchange, remove or replace cemetery markers.

If any monument, memorial, ornament or inscription is determined by the Cemetery Association to be offensive or improper, it reserves the right to remove the offensive or improper objects.  Any expense incurred for the above will be charged to the party that placed it.

If it becomes necessary to repair or reconstruct any monument or memorial, the Association shall give the owner/family thirty (30) days written notice.  If necessary repairs are not made by that time, the Association will authorize the repairs, with the cost of repairs going to the owner/family.  Acts of vandalism are covered by a person’s homeowners' insurance.

LANDSCAPING AND CARE – The grade of all lots shall be established by the Association and may not be changed by any lot owner.  No planting of trees, shrubs, or permanent plantings are allowed.  Any previously permitted plantings which become overly large, unsightly, die, or encroaches or otherwise disturbs an adjoining lot or walkway shall be removed by authorized cemetery personnel.

DECORATIONS – Artificial ornaments/arrangements shall be placed for easy removal and attached to the monument or put as close to the headstone as possible.  Old, faded, or damaged arrangements shall be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Association.  No glass containers or small rocks (used for weight or decoration) shall be allowed in the ground.

All summer decorations/ornaments must be removed by October 15th of each year to facilitate fall clean-up.  All winter decorations must be removed by April 15th of each year to facilitate spring clean-up.  Decorations and items not removed by designated dates will be removed by cemetery volunteers under the direction of the Cemetery Association.

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