Photos above of sister parishes--Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church in Kingston, Jamaica, and

St. Mary's Church in Florence, Wisconsin.






Called to be Holy, Fully Engaged, Fully Alive  


COVID-19 UPDATE . . . St. Mary’s is pleased to announce the return to public Masses with moderate limits on public gatherings and moderate social distancing beginning the weekend of June 13th and 14th.  This past week, you received guidelines for the return to these public Masses, a copy of which can be found in today’s bulletin or on the parish website.  We are happy to welcome you back to the celebration of the Mass in this limited way.  See you soon!


OUR DEEPEST CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Betty LeFleur, beloved wife of Ed LeFleur, who passed away recently.   May we continue to keep Betty and all her family in loving prayer.


OUR PARISH WELCOMES YOU!  Warmest greetings to St. Mary’s newest parishioners, Bob and Debbie Gibson and Jan Romaker!  THANK YOU for registering at St. Mary, and we look forward to sharing many years of  faith, hope and love together in our church!



VOLUNTEERS NEEDED . . . If anyone is willing to help water outdoor flowers over the summer months, please contact the parish office and we’ll get you connected with members of the art and environment committee for watering instructions.  Also, we are in need of folks to help mow the church grounds.  If you are interested, please contact the parish office as well. 





Fr. Timothy Brandt, Pastor at St. Mary's Church in Florence, WI, presenting St. Mary's Hospitality and Outreach Ministry's $500 scholarship award to Florence High School senior recipient, Madison Neuens.  Madison is the daughter of Jessa Neuens of Florence, WI.  Congratulations, Madison!


SATURDAY, MAY 30th — Open confessions from 10:00 am—11:00 am, at St. Stanislaus-Kostka/

   Armstrong Creek (rectory).  Virtual Mass at 4:00 pm.  Holy Communion from 4:45—6:00 pm, at St. Mary/

   Florence.  Home Missions/Our Own Needs collection postponed.

SUNDAY, MAY 31st — Pentecost Sunday.  Home Missons/Our Own Needs collection postponed.  Virtual

   Mass at 8:30 am.  Holy Communion from 9:15 am—10:15 am, at St. Mary/Florence.  Holy Communion

   from 11:00 am—12:00 noon, at St. Stanislaus-Kostka/Armstrong Creek.  Holy Communion from 12:30 pm—

   1:30 pm, at St. Joan of Arc/Goodman.

TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd — Virtual Mass at 8:30 am. 

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3rd — Virtual Mass at 8:30 am. 

THURSDAY, JUNE 4th — Virtual Mass at 8:30 am.  Open confessions from 4:30 pm—6:00 pm, at St.

   Mary/Florence (in parish office).

FRIDAY, JUNE 5th — Virtual Mass at 8:30 am.

SATURDAY, JUNE 6th — Fr. Timothy’s 11th anniversary of ordination into the priesthood!  Congratula-

   tions, Fr.!  Open confessions from 10:00 am—11:00 am, at St. Stanislaus-Kostka/Armstrong Creek (rectory). 

   Virtual Mass at 4:00 pm.  Holy Communion from 4:45 pm—6:00 pm, at St. Mary/Florence.

SUNDAY, JUNE 7th — The Most Holy Trinity.  Virtual Mass at 8:30 am.  Holy Communion from 9:15 am—

   10:15 am, at St. Mary/Florence.  Holy Communion from 11:00 am—12:00 noon, at St. Stanislaus-Kostka/

   Armstrong Creek.  Holy Communion from 12:30 pm—1:30 pm, at St. Joan of Arc/Goodman.


EASTER FLOWER offerings were graciously donated in memory/honor of the following loved ones:  Norman and Joan Meyers and Art and Helen LaFave; the Bomberg and Witynski Families; Alvie Miller, Jean Miller, MaryLou Johnson and Jeannie Grise; Donald Podner; the Steber and Donaldson Families and Julie Meyers; Louis and Gert Moroni and Robert Imel; Stanislawa and Joseph Papciak; the Julius Reubens’ Family; Bing Englebert and Sharon Pagel; Norb and Etta Bougie and Ed and Marie VandenHeuvel; the Jennifer Phelps Family; John Roach; Bob and Claire Landry and Bob and Jan Dallapiazza; Anna Kelley, Don Kensik, Judy and Gene Meyers and Janet Kelley; and Peter and Corey Podnar and Joseph and Mary Budzak.




HATS OFF to ALL who contributed to St. Mary’s 2020 Bishop’s Appeal campaign!  Through your support and generosity, we surpassed our goal of $11,893.00 by donating a grand total of $12,925.00.  Know that your gifts to the Bishop’s Appeal help in countless ways throughout our 16-county diocese!  Thank you, again, for your tremendous support!

  ON-LINE GIVING OPTIONS DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC:   While the parish has received many generous donations throughout the past weeks during the shutdown, and we have applied with many other small businesses for the Payroll Protection Program, I did want to make you aware that the diocese has made available to all parishes an on-line giving option during these days of parish shutdowns, so people may continue to support the work of their parishes.  You can make a one-time online gift, or setup a recurring (weekly, monthly) gift that will be made and then forwarded on to the parish of your choosing.  To access the online giving page through the Diocesan Catholic Foundation, simply visit  

   Thank you for your consideration of our parish needs during this difficult time for us all!  Gifts may also be dropped off at the church using your envelopes at St Mary’s any weekday morning, or left in the mailbox outside the main entrance.  

God bless!  Fr. Timothy



























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