Lay Ministry Schedule







NOTE TO LECTORS:  We will only have one lector per Mass to do both readings and the Prayers of the Faithful.  At times you may also read the psalm.  When the psalm is being sung by the cantor, you may remain up front between readings and sit in the chair next to the server.  If you would like to hear your readings on audio during the week, check out an app called Laudate.  Using this can be helpful when you are unsure about pronunciations.


Saturday, May 1:                             Bill DeGroot

Sunday, May 2:                               Carla Kramer



Saturday, May 8:                             Lacey Enders

Sunday, May 9:                                Carolyn Lemanski



Saturday, May 15:                          Carla Kramer

Sunday, May 16:                             Francie Freeberg



Saturday, May 22:                           Carolyn Lemanski

Sunday, May 23:                             Francie Freeberg



Saturday, May 29:                         Al Williams

Sunday, May 30:                            Bill DeGroot





Saturday, May 1                   Roy Rietz

Sunday,    May 2                  Jessica Frost



Saturday, May 8                  Cindy Brolin

Sunday,    May 9                  Jessica Frost



Saturday, May 15                Jessica Frost

Sunday,    May 16                Francie Freeberg



Saturday, May 22                Cindy Brolin

Sunday,    May 23                Roy Rietz



Saturday, May 29                Roy Reitz

Sunday,    May 30               Francie Freeberg