November 10:              Francie Freeberg and Dorothy Vayda


November 17:              Jay and Lori Glime


November 24:              Jessica Frost and Jerry Divine


December 1:                 Maggie Schalow and Dorothy Vayda


December 8:                 Dan and Kathy Jazinski


December 15:              Francie Freeberg and Maggie Schalow


December 22:              Jay and Lori Glime


December 29:              Jessica Frost and Jerry Divine


January 5:                    Dan and Kathy Jazinski


January 12:                  Jay and Lori Glime


January 19:                  Francie Freeberg and Dorothy Vayda


January 26:                  Maggie Schalow and Jerry Divine



Wednesday, November 13:                Roy Rietz


Wednesday, November 20:                Sue Glime


Wednesday, November 27:                Larry and Barb Neuens


Wednesday, December 4:                  Carla Kramer


Wednesday, December 11:                 Ewa Papciak


Wednesday, December 18:                 Sue Glime


Wednesday, December 25:                Roy Rietz


Wednesday, January 1:                       Carla Kramer


Wednesday, January 8:                       Ewa Papciak


Wednesday, January 15:                     Sue Glime


Wednesday, January 22:                    Roy Rietz


Wednesday, January 29:                    Carla Kramer





















CHURCH/OFFICE CLEANING                            

Nov. 13th – 16th                        Terri Koehn and Lori Glime


Nov. 27th – 30th                        Dan and Kathy Jazinski


Dec. 11th – 14th                        Gina Frappier and Beanie Leffler

Dec. 25th – 28th                         Andrew Hirn


Jan. 8th – 11th                            Terri Koehn and Lori Glime

Jan. 22nd – 25th                         Dan and Kathy Jazinski





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